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Do you give garment measurements on the website?

We give accurate measurements and the guidelines in connection with the size and garment fit on the item card of the product.
Garment fit

How can I find out my RB size?

You can find out your RB size on the Size Chart page which is available through clicking on the mannequin icon at the top-right corner of the page or using the following link:

Do you give garment measurements on the website?

We give accurate measurements and the guidelines in connection with the size and garment fit on the item card of the product.

What if the delivered dress does not fit me?

Contact us as soon as possible and we will strive to send you a replacement dress. If you notify us within 24 hours after the dress was returned, we will refund the dress hire price to you.

Can you hem the dress to my height?

We do not custom-hem the dresses available at the Rent Boutique wardrobe. All gowns are divided into four length categories which can help you find the dress of the right length more easily.

My party is in two months. Will you add new stock before my party?

We add new stock to the Rent Boutique wardrobe on a regular basis and all items available in the wardrobe are displayed on the website. We present new arrivals monthly. Therefore, if you are unsure about your choice, you can wait until the next addition to the existing stock, whereas if you have chosen an appealing and fitting dress, do not linger and reserve it.

I have ordered a dress for hire in 2 months’ time. How can I be assured that a girl wearing it before me is not going to damage it?

We take great care of the items in the wardrobe. And we expect the same level of care in respect of the items from our clients. In the event the dress was damaged as part of the previous order, we will certainly notify you and offer an alternative.

I got the dress delivered and it looks completely different in reality.

We strive to reveal the appearance and characteristics of items on the website as realistically as possible. Should you encounter such a situation, we would appreciate if you could notify us.

How can I be assured that I will not meet a girl wearing an identical dress at the same party?

The likelihood of meeting a girl in an identical dress is truly negligible because we have only a few sizes of every single model of the dress. However, we can share the information what city we send out the dress of a particular model to, should you wish so.
Rent Boutique Operating Principles

How does Rent Boutique work?

Rent Boutique is an online hire portal. Choose from a multitude of dresses and accessories on the website, reserve them for the required period and receive your order via a courier at your desired address or come to collect it from the salon. More information available on the How it works page:

What if I damage the dress by accident?

When ordering any garment or an accessory from the Rent Boutique wardrobe, you pay a symbolic fee of EUR 3 for insurance which covers the most common damages to the item. We assess the damages in accordance with the RB item quality meter and always strive to find the best solution to the client.

Do you offer bridal and bridesmaids dresses for hire?

You will find unique and exclusive dresses for unconventional brides as well as for the conventional brides to change after 24 hours in the Rent Boutique wardrobe. We offer sets of different dresses which look modern and playful to the bridesmaids.

What does a butterfly symbol mean?

Mark the items to be added to your wish list with a butterfly symbol. You can view your wish list at any time on your account by clicking on a butterfly symbol at the top-right corner of the page.

Will I be able to wear the dress immediately after receiving the parcel?

If you have selected a 4 or an 8 day hire service, you will be able to wear the items straightaway. Any dresses that have been sent out are ready to wear. They have been cleaned and ironed. Clothes can sometimes crease during transportation. Having received your order box, always take the clothes out of it and hang them. Should the creases persist, gently iron them with a clothes steamer.

What is a 24 hour trying service and how can I make use of it?

If your party is not taking place for quite some time in the future and you wish to try the dress and choose it beforehand, use the 24 hour trying service. If you choose it, you can order two dresses (including their additional sizes) and try them at the comfort of your own home only for a courier delivery fee. The courier delivers the dress on one day and you return it the next morning.

How can I get in touch?

You can contact us by telephone on +370 665 19000 (Mon to Fri 8am to 8pm and Sat 9am to 2pm) and +370 665 19111 (Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm) or by email at .

Is it possible to buy a gift voucher?

Yes, it is. You can buy a gift voucher at the Rent Boutique wardrobe and surprise your friend, mother or sister with it. It is an excellent idea. Please direct your enquiries in relation therewith to .

What are RB points?

Points are credits that you get for the orders placed and reviews left (one point is worth EUR 1).

How can I use the points I have collected?

You can use the points you have collected when placing an order at the payment stage.
Order Details

I would like to order a dress for a Saturday night. What service should I select?

Choose a 4 day hire service. We recommend choosing Friday for the first day of your order. In that case the courier will deliver the parcel to you on the afore-mentioned day and you will return the parcel on the last day of your order (being Monday). You will be able to enjoy the party and stay free from any worries about the delivery or returns of the dress throughout the entire weekend.

The party is planned in a month’s time. When should I place the order?

We recommend ordering the items as early as possible to make sure that no other woman or girl reserves the items you like. The systems lets reserve the items for dates in at least 2 days’ time and no later than in 6 months’ time.

How can I make a payment for the order?

You can make a payment for the order via online banking, by a bank card, PayPal or in cash (only available in Dream Room).

How can I use a discount/gift voucher code?

Enter a valid discount/gift voucher code that you have at the order payment stage. When you click “Apply”, the system will automatically apply the value of your discount/gift voucher code.

How can I update my account details?

You can update your account details on the Profile page of your personal account.

Can I order a dress for my friend?

Yes, you can. That said the responsibility in connection with the terms and conditions of the order will lie with you.

I wish to order a dress for tomorrow, but the system would not let me do this. Why is that so?

The system does not allow ordering any items for tomorrow automatically due to the time limits required for delivery and preparation of the items. Contact us by telephone on +370 665 19000 and we will clarify whether it is possible to reserve a particular dress with a shorter notice.

Can I hire a dress for a period in excess of 8 days?

Yes, you can. Contact us by telephone on +370 665 19000 or email and we will help you place the order.

Can I hire a dress without registering on the website?

A registration is required to hire a dress on our website. By placing an order on your registered account, you agree to the Rent Boutique Terms of Use which are an integral part of your order to be fulfilled. You will also see your orders and their status as well as receive loyalty points for the orders completed on your account. We can always assist you in creating an account (call +370 665 19000).

Can I change the delivery address of my order?

You can change the delivery address before you receive an email on the order status “Dispatched”. Notify us of the new delivery address by email at and make sure you receive a confirmation. Additional delivery fees may apply and a parcel may be delayed in certain cases when an order delivery address has been amended.

Can I change the order date?

If you wish to order the items for a different period, please notify us of the cancellation of your original order by email at: and create a new order. We can always help you (call +370 665 19000).

Can I choose an additional dress and change the dress size if the order has already been placed?

If you wish to have the items replaced, please notify us of the cancellation of your original order by email at: and create a new order. We can always help you (call +370 665 19000).

How can I cancel the order?

Please notify us of the order cancellation by email at

Will you refund my money following an order cancellation?

The terms and conditions for refunds following order cancellations can be found in the Rent Boutique Terms of Use.
Delivery and Returns

Can a courier deliver the parcel to my workplace?

The courier delivers orders to any address you have provided (home, work or hotel).

When will the courier deliver my order?

The courier delivers orders Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. In major cities across Lithuania you can opt for an evening delivery between 6pm and 10pm. On the order date, the courier will contact you on the telephone number you have provided in connection with a more accurate parcel delivery slot. Be available.

How much does a courier delivery cost?

Courier delivery costs depend on the country we ship to (please message us to know the exact price). Returning your order is free of charge.

Do you post to automated parcel lockers?

We do not deliver parcels to automated parcel lockers.

Is a signature required at the acceptance of the order?

Yes, it is. A signature is required at the acceptance of the parcel.

How can I return the order?

IN LITHUANIA: Place the parcel in the closest DPD parcel locker. If you are unable to place it in a parcel locker, contact the courier before 11am by telephone on +370 700 55700, give them the payer's reference number of „RENT BOUTIQUE, UAB“ which is 4533300 and the courier will come to collect the parcel at the address you had given. IN OTHER COUNTRIES: Please contact us at or +370 665 19000

I cannot find a returns label in the parcel.

If you could not find the label inside your parcel please contact us at or +370 665 19000.

What should I do if the last day of the order is Sunday?

If the last day of your order is Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, please place your order in the closest DPD parcel locker. Couriers collect orders only on work days.

I am out of town and unable to return the order on time. What should I do?

If you reckon that you will not be able to return the parcel on time, please check if your friend could possibly return your parcel for you. It this is not an option, you must contact us by email at and we will try to find a solution.

Will I receive a confirmation that the order has been returned successfully?

We will notify you that the order has been returned successfully by email within 2 working days.

I loved the dress I wore. Can I buy it?

At present, items can only be ordered for hire at the Rent Boutique wardrobe. Follow the news on the seasonal sales when you will have an opportunity to buy the items from the wardrobe available for sale.

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