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Gia Ram, an extravagant, melancholic, dramatic and always genuine artist, thinks the most important thing is to be yourself in every sense. She is extremely grateful to her mother for her freedom, while growing up, to express herself, search and experiment.



Founder of “Carolina make-up studio”, one of the best Lithuanian make-up artists, Karolina Taraškevich-Bethel, describes herself as open to the world and people, and that her mind is constantly full of million ideas, that are sometimes difficult to control. An artist living between Vilnius and Miami does not hide the joy of how her life has turned out, and claims that dreaming should be taken seri



Calm, silly, hardworking and always smiling. She loves color red, high-waisted jeans and doesn‘t understand, how girls can wear high heels daily – its just too uncomfortable. These are only few words, that can describe singer Monika Linkytė.

I'm THAT GIRL: Monika Punziute-Monique


Popsinger Monika Pundziūtė-Monique has a charming youthful look, which separates her from the rest. She is not only captivating and talented, but also brave, always knowing what she wants and what she likes. Her usual day starts and ends with music, however she still manages to find time for her family, friends and herself. She is not afraid to experiment and claims that, what seems to be impossib

I'm THAT GIRL: Patricija Gadžijeva


A mother and a wife, free, outgoing and loving-life – that’s how Patricija Gadžijeva, a co-founder of café chain “Ali chocolate store”, describes herself. According to her, we should create our lives individually – colorful and diverse – and not wait until someone else does that for us.

Karina Krysko-Skambinė


We had a talk with K. Krysko in her familiar place Kaunas State Musical Theatre wearing dresses from RENT BOUTIQUE.

I'm THAT GIRL: Julija Zize


She loves life, enjoys small things, she has time to think about everything and to do everything, she is devoted to her family but never forgets to find time for herself – her beauty routine and ideas. This is everything about founder of brand „Wear Mad By July“, author of „Beauty talks“ and makeup artist Julija Zize.

I'm THAT GIRL: Gabriele Martirosianaite


Gabriele Martirosianate is today‘s „I‘m THAT girl“. She is a familiar TV face and simply „the IT girl“. An interview and photo-shoot with her in the surrounding of newly opened restaurant „Amandus“ wearing dresses from RENT BOUTIQUE.

I'm THAT GIRL: Laura Juozaityte


Model Laura Juozaityte is today‘s „I‘m THAT girl“ and our talk in interior salon „Studio Casa“ wearing dresses from RENT BOUTIQUE.

Women and City: Q&A with Marija Palaikyte


A fashion trend forecaster, the founder of men‘s style house „Trend Wave“ and the organizer of Men‘s Fashion Week Marija Palaikyte has become a real hero in Rent Boutique planet.

WOMEN AND CITY: Q&A WITH Ula Kotryna Tuleviciute


Ula Kotryna Tuleviciute is one of the most famous fashion designers of the young generation, the character of video channel „SITY“ and a monthly hero in RENT BOUTIQUE.

Women and City: Q&A with Monika Linkyte


RENT BOUTIQUE met Monika Linkyte in Vilnius at restaurant „Dublis“, where she had come straight from a flight London- Vilnius. Exactly colourful and diverse city London is a place where currently Monika lives and studies. A few hours spent with Monika were full of positive thoughts, sincere chatter and dressing up feast at the very noon. Only girls can this!

Women and City: Q&A with Reda Mickeviciute


RENT BOUTIQUE had an inspiring and memorable day with fashion photographer Reda Mickeviciute at her place in a white and cosy loft in Vilnius New Town.

Women and City: Q&A with Gabija Varnaite


Gabija Varnaite is a fashion blogger, inspiring many girls with her personal outfits. You could definitely call her Lithuanian „the it“ girl having 24k Instagram followers, working with famous brands, publishing articles and photos in fashion magazines, having her personal style publications in „Vogue“.

Women and City: Q&A with Jurgita Kyguole


Jurgita Kyguole hypnotizes by her aristocratic look - tall, leggy gazelle with classic features, blond hair and mysterious gaze. She is sophisticated in manners, open in talk, responsible at work, modern in thinking and sincere at company.

Women and City: Q&A with Giedre Duoble


Her smile was covering her face when she opened the door on our visit to her spacious flat in The Old Town. She looked casual with classic jeans and a simplistic black T-shirt, but minimalistic earrings and rings on fingers gave her look a gorgeous taste. She radiated cosiness and a soft perfume aura. „Coffee?“ We could not resist, a cup of coffee ir a magic ritual to know each other better. RENT

Women and City: Q&A with Enrika and Vida


You want to know them cause they are interesting and unique. They are talented and implementing their visions, therefore they are so successful. They are inseparable colleagues and friends, but still unimaginably different. Such women fascinate us cause they can do everything. RENT BOUTIQUE has a great pleasure to visit studio „In Dot“ in Kaunas and present an interview with two more inspiring cit

Women and City: Q&A with Indre


She is a dynamic, active and especially stylish woman, a mother and wife successful in her activities, what is important in this era, but still sensitive, spontaneous and creative. „Life is a crazy adventure“ says Indre, who has joined RENT BOUTIQUE ambassadors‘/modern muses‘ list.

Women and City: Q&A With Gerda


You will definitely notice this modern mermaid walking the street. You will remember her for long even if you have seen her once. She is 100 per cent fashionable, versatile, continuously changing and not afraid to experiment. Her style is bright, telling about the life of big and cosmopolitan cities. Gerda is a surfer and founder of swimwear brand MAKARA, already for a few years days spending in



Her laughter is loud and contagious; and you can never have enough of it. Her temper is firm and strong like the spirit of basketball (or muscles of basketball players, ha!). Her charisma is gleaming and mesmerising; and her life is colourful, diverse and cosmopolitan. She is a basketball player in high heels and red lips.

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